Friday, September 06, 2013

Food talk

SAHMhood has brought me to the one thing I love most: Food.

The first week we got here there wasn't much in the fridge to welcome us. Hubs had been living off canned sardine sandwiches (SO disgusting I have no idea how he can tolerate the stench let alone ENJOY it!) and ramen noodles. So, the first night he made me his 'gourmet' version of shrimp ramen noodles. It was great, but eventually I needed real food.

The second night did get better, we have some pretty amazing neighbors (parents of a friend) who sent over homemade biryani which definitely hit the spot. Once we ran out I started cooking. And it hasn't quite ended.

Here's what was on our plates this week:
Colorful breakfast of all my favorite fruits. We found this delicious Peach Butter at a rest stop in Georgia. It claims to be from a local farm, regardless it tastes amazing when drizzled on top of fruits.
I do love my friend Pinterest for all the overeating it inspires. I find most my recipes there, but they all end up altered as I have trouble following directions.
This is Spinach stuffed chicken in a garlic sauce topped with sauteed mushrooms over egg noodles.
My alteration: I seasoned the chicken like a blacken chicken recipe (tons of cayenne and paprika, hint of basil and thyme) and added cheddar cheese
Another breakfast favorite: spinach and broccoli omelette topped with grilled shrimp and cheddar cheese 
  This here is Stuffed Eggplant.  Yes I have an obsession with foods that have the word "stuffed" in them and also with cheese topping on everythingggg.
my alterations: no breadcrumbs or parmesan cheese (because we didn't have any), add in cumin powder, coriander powder, cayenne pepper to the ground beef , not necessary but I added in diced mushrooms and tomatoes to the mix too.  I love me a side of sliced avocado just because. 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! :)

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