Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sahar's Flower Garden First Birthday Party

Can't believe my little sugarplum turned 1! 

The party was in March and I'm JUST getting a chance to post about it. Better late than never right? Since she's a spring baby I wanted to incorporate that into the theme, in addition to finally being able to throw a girly party after having two boys! I felt what better way to be feminine while celebrating spring than a beautiful flower garden theme! 

I started the preps for this in January, because I knew my elaborate ideas would take a lot of time.  As usual, I tried to incorporate as much DIY as I could; with a homemade banner, cupcake toppers and multiple trips to Michael's. I also made all the backdrop paper flowers myself and if anyone is interested in tutorials, Youtube is the place to go! Send me a message and I can recommend the ones I found most useful.

I used my best planner friend, Pinterest, for cake table inspiration and I'm very happy with the result. I kept going back and forth if I should do all the work myself or hire a party planner. In the end I did use Bella Events who is located here in Tampa, Fl to set up all the decor for me. With a full time job and three kids I knew that I just wanted to hand that responsibility off to someone else. It was really wonderful having a Day of Coordinator to help everything run smoothly and I would definitely recommend it. Nearly all the decor  and desserts on the table were my own and the ideas for favor bags with a religious scripture for the magnet was mine as well. But having her execute it for me made a huge difference for my own peace of mind at the day of the party, when I had so much else to do. An added bonus is that she was wonderful to work with, which made it such an easy decision! The cake was done by a local baker Sonia from Sweeties Delights at a very reasonable price, it was true to the design I gave her and tasted delicious as well. 

We had a super cute flower fairy making station for the kids, but sadly I got no pictures of it! If you search Pinterest for fairy making you can find tons of great free printables. As you look through the pictures below I tried to include as many links as possible to where I got all the party decor. Hope this helps with your own party planning, for anything I missed feel free to reach out! 

Snapchat Filter via Etsy


Goodie bags and tablecover via Dollar Tree, Islamic Sign from Salaam Shop
Custom Magnets

First Birthday Poster ordered via Etsy, Flower photobooth frame made by me

macarons from Costco!
Cupcake toppers found here

Ikea lanterns and DIY vases

Customizable Snapchat filter, Free printable sign here

snapchat filter via Etsy


Tip: Have your balloon artist premake a bunch of balloons for kids to choose from to save time during the party, mine had to run to another event and was kind enough to bring about 20-25 along with her. I told her to choose the most popular shapes kids love and it worked!

Adam looking as legit as Mario can get

The following images were found from Google search and are not my own. I used them as part of table decor, favor tags and for sending out our Save the Date message. 


Full image here

The below coloring pages were found via Google Search and are not my own property.
Full image here

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ramadan and Eid

Growing up I definitely wished I could celebrate Christmas like the rest of my school friends. Eid was fun, but it didn't seem nearly as exciting as Christmas did. So I decided to change that for my kids. My goal with doing all these holiday activities was to encourage my children to love their own culture and religion, without feeling left out during the holidays that others around them may celebrate. We have now been doing a Ramadan Advent Calendar for two year and my son absolutely loves it! Holidays should not be only about decorating and getting gifts they should also be about the importance of our values and belief in God. With each holiday I do emphasize why we celebrate what we do. During Ramadan we explain the importance of fasting, how it benefits our body and also gives us appreciation for those who may have less than we do on a normal basis. We talk about how fasting is not just for food but for keeping away from activities we should always avoid and to redirect our focus on prayer and love for God. On Eid we talk about traditions of prophet Muhammad pbuh: going for morning Eid salaat, wearing new clothes, handing out treats and spending time with our loved ones. For Eid ul Adha we discussed the story of prophet Ibrahim pbuh, how he trusted and was so devoted to Allah swt

Crafts and Activities: masjid coloring pages, crescent/star hanging ornaments, make your own tasbeeh (prayer beads), sheep cupcake decorating party
For Others: collecting toys for new refugee children in the community, writing Eid cards to our cousins far away and baking cookies to give on Eid namaaz to our friends nearby. My kids are still very young (5, 2 and under 1), but as they grow older I do hope to continue with more altruistic activities.
Family Traditions: Praying maghrib namaaz as a family and reading our favorite Islamic books before bed. Listening to nasheeds on Spotify by Dawud Wharnsby and Yusuf Islam during car rides to school. Watching Baba Ali and Zaki videos on youtube to learn manners and stories from the Quran.

Making holidays fun for the kids really doesn't have to be expensive or a lot of hard work. I found some affordable vendors who I purchased adorable decorations from, but I also made a few trips to Michaels/dollar stores to make our own as well. I probably spent the most amount on Islamic books, but to me that was worth the cost. A great way to save on that is to do a book exchange with friends every Friday. This way your children can get exposure to new reading material without having to spend a lot.

I hope you enjoy a glimpse below into our holiday traditions. I will do a new post soon to tell you our reviews of the reading material!

Our Ramadan Advent Calendar Goodie Bags. Kids can open one bag each evening counting down to Eid, filled with treats inside.

Our nightly reading selection in honor of Ramadan/Eid. 

using the Snapchat Filter to wish all her friends!
We are big on banners in our house. This was recycled from last year, it came in a DIY banner kit from Target

Keeping busy during the day doing activities per our Rafiq and Friends guide. Rafiq was our version of Elf on a Shelf this year. Loved the book and activity cards he came with. Super cute illustrations and engaging stories.

Praying with Baba before we break our fast for the day.

Kept the Pom Poms, swapped out the banner.  Using Sweet fajr lantern template and Imaginaryart Masjid Template

Onesie by JasmineandMarigold Skirt from Amazon

coloring Eid Cards to mail to our friends. Cards from GupshupGreetings

gifts wrapped and ready to be opened after Eid prayer
Eid favors for our friends, labels courtesy of my good friend over at Gupshup Greetings
Sheep shaped cookie cutter purchased via Etsy to bring these adorable Eid ul Adha cookies to life!
Eid Trifle for our Chand Raat party, yes I know the D is off centered. Its bothering me too! 

We attended a Make your Own Sheep cupcake party!

Masjid Ramadan coloring page via Imaginairyart