Sunday, October 07, 2007

Mystic's message

Sit at the foot of one who understands hearts
Rest beneath the tree whose branches bud fresh
Don’t wander all around the market of perfumes
Sit in the stall of him who has a stash of sugar
You’ll be swindled by every seller –
Without a scale to take their measure
You’ll mistake the gilded slug for golden render
They’ll make you sit inside the shop
Sweetly promising “Just one moment, please”
Don’t sit there waiting,
There’s another door goes out the back
Don’t wait with bowl in hand for every pot to boil
What stews in every pot is not the same.
Not every cane-cut pen drips with sugar
Not every under has an above
Not every eye’s possessed of vision
Not every sea conceals a pearl

Sing your little heart out, nightingale
For your famed intoxicated lamentation
Echoes and transmutes the stony hills and granite boulders
If your head cannot contain you – lose it
You can’t pass through the needle’s eye a knotty thread
The awakened heart’s a lamp
Cloak it from contrary airs beneath your mantle
For the windy air will do it harm.
Pass beyond the winds and reach the spring
Become a secret confidant, welling with emotions
And then like a green tree you will swell with sap
And come to fruition as it courses through your heart.
- Maulana Jalal al-Din Rumi

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


" Experience is 1% of the things that happen to you and 99% of how you react to them"

Everything is built by how you perceive it. There are good experiences and there are bad ones, what carries weight is how the situation is dealt with.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


"We do not get unlimited chances to have the things we want. And this I know, nothing is worse than missing the opportunity that could have changed your life. "- a different smartypants surgeon

Opportunity has been knocking, I think I'll finally open the door.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Pressure..its constantly building and it sure takes a lot out of you...sometimes life feels as though you are constantly struggling to reduce the amount of obligations and requirements demanded of you. To check one thing off the list so you can have one less thing left to do. But the list is endless, so then why are we rushing? Constraints of time and the urgency of the moment makes us feel as though we are facing a point of no return, where we must choose or die. That sounds pretty drastic, but yea thats how it feels sometimes. Faced with pressure, with the demands of everything else that must be done, and the daily naggings to add on top its a wonder that most of call ourselves sane human beings. But at the end of the day, it all does get done...the project is handed in, the paper is written, the exam gets taken, the body gets fed, the brain gets to sleep, the heart aches, it all happens just in the nick of time. So the best way to really maintain your sanity is to focus on all the non pressuring parts of drive slowly even if you have somewhere to be, to close your eyes for just a second longer, to breath in just a little bit deeper and to thank god just a little more for everything that is still standing. Sabr, we all lack it so intensely...or maybe I just do....but then that must be my test, to find the sabr to deal with it all and take each struggle with stride.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Tap on my window...

"too often the thing you want most is the one thing you can't have...but as tough as wanting something can be, the people who suffer the most...are those who dont know what they want."-the smartypants surgeon I love watching on TV

...knock on my door

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Economic breakdown

Economics-The study of fulfilling unlimited needs (or wants) through means of limited resources.

There is not a single being on this earth in deficit of desires. Every person is driven towards some form of goal due to their wishes, hopes, and dreams. Also, to achieve needs/wants, people are willing to pay the price for it. But don't forget, unlimited desires using limited resources. So, somewhere along the way certain desires simply cannot and are not fulfilled.

It wouldn't be wrong to suggest changing the definition of economics to the definition of life. Watch any film, read any novel, or listen to any song. What do the major plot themes have in common? Someone is pining after something, they either can't get it thus causing much distress (and drama) or are elated that they've got it. The difference lies in that most forms of theater and art relate the desire to love. But I'll spare you my thoughts on that topic...

SO, Whatcha gonna do now that you've got this "need" that must be satisfied? You chose. Choices are everything in economics. America makes great choices regarding its political policies and business strategies, leading it through the gates of success and world domination. On the other hand, [insert any other country here] makes not so wise decisions on foreign diplomacy and production tactics, thus ranking itself low among the big boys (or just boy in the case of our present global scenario). Quick reactions and strong wits are the essentials of winning this race.

Did I say race? Yessir. Because, the more desirable an object the more intense competition you can expect to face. Basically, not only do you have to possess the ability to make correct decisions, but you have got to make them fast!

This can be quite the dilemma. With so much demand and such little supply, someone is bound to be left shorthanded..So, what becomes of the losers? Most of the time, we settle... we settle for what is reasonable and attainable and we give up on those farfetched thoughts that cloud our minds...But, if you're hell bent on this so called need, then my only advice is:

Don't giving up. The $1080 Dior bag shall be yours some day.