Who am I?

I'm still figuring out the answer to that one.

Here are some words to describe the roles I play: A mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, Muslim, Pakistani (says my NICOP), CPA/Accountant, constant worrier (not to be confused with Warrior, which I only wish to be), and Excel-spreadsheet-using-obssesive-planner (Because everything looks better in Excel).

Here are words I would like to believe describe myself: Aspiring photographer, budding fashionista (mostly as a stylist to my toddler), creative culinary artist, ambitious party planner, and enthusiastic trekker. Hah, I so wish I was all of that!

I enjoy blogging mostly about everything from difficult moments of motherhood to spiritual reflections. Occasionally I throw in some party planning details or delicious dinner recipe successes. Basically I'm just a nostalgic gal who wants to capture every moment of her life into a little bottle she calls her blog.

I thought to focus my blog into a niche like food blogging or a mommy blog, but then I realized why should I limit myself? This is my space to share it all.

Welcome! Hope you stick around :)

And if you're still up for it, then learn more about me check here here and here.
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