Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Na ho jisme noor tera..woh charag hi bujhadoon.

The famous line, 'I think, therefore I am' put into motion a bold and revolutionary philosophy. It tackled the unifying question every great thinker had on his mind:

'What defines my existence?'

What made Descartes arrive upon this realization was the contemplation of 'I am thinking, therefore I exist'....Our existence lies greatly in our thoughts; our conscious mind defines who we are more than any physical attribute ever could. As life often reminds us, in actuality nothing is quite what it seems like on the exterior.

Through the years we alter (some may call it improve) our outer existence frequently and extensively (hair dyes, straightners, braces, make up to be thanked), yet the impact of greater significant is when something changes internally. When comparing our inner and outer selves I cannot help but find it analogous to merely glancing at a pool of water, this glance is not always accurate in reflection. Often it fools one's perception of the depth that lies within. However, if the core is not pure, the impurities will eventually seep through to the surface.

If our hearts are not cleansed of impurities, our entire existence is disturbed. Disturbed beyond any external repair.

To me, what this "I think, therefore I exist" ideology means is that far beyond what my external characteristics can attempt, my innermost thoughts and beliefs define who I am. And I hope to not lose that essential part of me in the web of this world; because in my mind I know a simpler world and that's truly where my heart belongs.

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