Tuesday, July 07, 2009

End of an Era...

As I sit here typing, across the country in a town famously referred to as 'L.A.' the memorial service for one of music history's greatest legend is being held. Michael Jackson.

To be entirely honest, I never had a great passion for his persona, most likely because, although I am a 80's kid I remember nearly none of it...My oldest memories date to the early 90's, when Jackson had sort of taken on that creepy guy image with his skin color transformation and small boys obsession. The only two songs of his that I actually liked were Beat It and Thriller. Beat It because Alvin and the Chipmunks did a cartoon imitation of his video....But still, I think despite all the social norms he defied and personal issues he dealt with in the public eye, I still respected him as a talented artist.

I find irony in that today, as I celebrate my birth, people on the other end of the country are celebrating someone's death. (celebrate as in remember and memorialize) Of course there is no real irony in this, because people are brought in and out of this world perpetually. However, I still like to believe there is significance and reason behind everything. Just because we fail to recognize logical order and reasoning for many things, does not mean that they occur at random...I can't help but feel that all instances are orchestrated in a highly elaborate manner far beyond our level of comprehension and perhaps its better that way.

The most prominent part of Jackson's life that stands out to me now is how he struggled with his public image. Every single human being feels misunderstood at one point or another in life, but to feel that way on such a large scale; when you are being judged and viewed by the entire world, I can not imagine the pressure of handling that kind of attention. Social people often crave recognition; they thrive in the admiration and fascination that others have with them. However, all too often that attention has a fast rise and an even faster fall. It is some sort of basic human evil, we build this love/hate relationship with nearly everyone. Despite their greatest gestures, we poke and prod at each person until a serious flaw is discovered and focused on. Spectators say Michael Jackson died of overdose, his actions for many years now have reflected self afflicted harm and suicidal behavior. My speculation is that too much of anything can harm the best of people, with the best of intentions. Too much fame, too much attention, too much criticism...too much publicity.

Now like I said earlier, I never really cared that much for MJ, but when recent events brought my attention towards him (obvious...its all over media..they couldnt let him leave in peace and privacy either)it made me we all struggle with public attention. Especially now, in a society where Facebook, Twitter, AIM, etc. all have provided every single person who may vaguely know you to have vast amount of knowledge about your life, moments and memories are very seldom kept personal anymore. It did have a positive affect for a while. People were able to better interact over long distance,maintain relationships over time without falling apart, and overall just share their memories with loved ones. But now it as become a form of grabbing attention towards yourself..becoming a mini 'celebrity' in your own right. And as I said before, attention has a fast rise and an even faster fall. What is this need to know and care about other peoples lives? So what if they have weird fetishes like MJ did or whatever they may choose to do in their lives..why has the world become so focused on knowing and sharing so much about themselves? Sharing and interaction needs to be done, everything in small dosages is good...I think I'm just reaching a point in my own life where I feel the need to draw away from advancement. Perhaps, I've reached the plateau, if not the decline of my interest in sharing about myself. Even this blog...what purpose does it serve to share about my inner thoughts and views? What will anyone gain..or lose.. from reading it? What will they achieve from seeing my pictures on Facebook or knowing of my latest status on Twitter? I sometimes think back to the 90's..when we may not have kept in touch with SO many people as we do today...yet the handful that did stay close had more value in their quality of care annd concern for each other. I think I'm going to step back for awhile...I may not walk around like MJ did with a bag over my head to avoid people...but sometimes it's not to keep others out..but it's to cleanse your own mind and spirit. Maybe I can relate to MJ in that way.

(a little more coincidence I fell upon: "Michael Jackson signed his last will on 7-7-02, seven years to the day he will be memorialized and buried. Michael was the 7th in a family of 9 kids..."
7 also happens to be my lucky #, or as I like to think of it,it's special to me...)

Last Post for awhile...... Publicly that is.

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