Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Life lately through my IPhone

I know I've been MIA lately. I had all time these elaborate plans of how I'd constructively spend my time once I was a SAHM. I had thoughts of meal plans, cleaning charts, fitness routines, extreme organizing and finally focus on budget focused themed decorating (DIY projects). But mostly I end up staying in my PJs til 5pm while Ali watches way too much TV. I'm stuck in a bad rut of missing home, of missing life that was so familiar to me. Not sure why I didn't think this would happen to me. I know so many girls who go through this when they move out far away from home, but I was so sure it wasn't going to be me.  Everyone kept reminding me how proactive I am and how I would have so much fun being home utilizing my time so much better than I did before. Never say never huh. What bothers me most is how I love writing and reading, and I want to get back to it so badly but I'm just stuck in a rut. So while I'm here and still figuring my way back to being a normal non-useless human being, this is what life looks like: 
Finally got around to organizing my jewelry armoire. 

I realize I love the idea of accessorizing more than I actually do it.

First time using markers and play dough with the toddler, mostly a success since he makes me do all the work and it keeps him distracted away from TV time for a good hour. 

Weekly trips to B&N for story time always end in us spending an extra hour there doing this. I don't mind, glad my boy loves to build! 

Took a trip out to Downtown Disney. I love this picture of Ali terrified of the Dinosaur, he's like RUN BABA RUN!

Free admission day at the children's museum. Semi fail- museum was over crowded and outside it rained A LOT. but luckily in Tampa the rain lasts maybe 15 minutes so afterwards we hung out near the spray park outside. Ali loved it!

Beautiful mural at the museum gift shop


afternoon tea has become a must cuz Ammi's energy level runs pretty low chasin' crazy little man all day
This picture would've been epic had that kid on the right not barged into it. My Green monster was so into that pose!

More excited than most little girls  to get a shot with it. Sigh, that castle never ceases to take my breath away. Even in a souvenir shop

Attempting to potty training Ali, guess who I found on the seat last week?

Whipped up a super easy super quick beef enchilada dinner using chapati roti not tortillas (improvise!) using this recipe

My crazy kid yelling "I Like to Move it Move it" riding the whale. So strange. So much like his Ammi.

Fearless monkey

Obsessed (is putting it mildly) with Thomas the Engine

"Look I'm Oscar!" (from Sesame street)

Ali's toys join us every week for Story time 

Trip to Lowry Zoo in Tampa

First time seeing a manatee

Found Baba sleeping on the sofa and thought he'd join in. (this was not posed, he actually did this)
So while I miss home immensely life here isn't so bad. Me and the little man get some wonderful moments together I know I'll cherish dearly. I'm trying hard to pull out the creative Sania that I know is hiding deep inside, she's just being the stubborn one that she is and letting Lazy Whiny 'Why cant we go back to Jersey already' Sania have her moment. 

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