Sunday, January 28, 2007

Economic breakdown

Economics-The study of fulfilling unlimited needs (or wants) through means of limited resources.

There is not a single being on this earth in deficit of desires. Every person is driven towards some form of goal due to their wishes, hopes, and dreams. Also, to achieve needs/wants, people are willing to pay the price for it. But don't forget, unlimited desires using limited resources. So, somewhere along the way certain desires simply cannot and are not fulfilled.

It wouldn't be wrong to suggest changing the definition of economics to the definition of life. Watch any film, read any novel, or listen to any song. What do the major plot themes have in common? Someone is pining after something, they either can't get it thus causing much distress (and drama) or are elated that they've got it. The difference lies in that most forms of theater and art relate the desire to love. But I'll spare you my thoughts on that topic...

SO, Whatcha gonna do now that you've got this "need" that must be satisfied? You chose. Choices are everything in economics. America makes great choices regarding its political policies and business strategies, leading it through the gates of success and world domination. On the other hand, [insert any other country here] makes not so wise decisions on foreign diplomacy and production tactics, thus ranking itself low among the big boys (or just boy in the case of our present global scenario). Quick reactions and strong wits are the essentials of winning this race.

Did I say race? Yessir. Because, the more desirable an object the more intense competition you can expect to face. Basically, not only do you have to possess the ability to make correct decisions, but you have got to make them fast!

This can be quite the dilemma. With so much demand and such little supply, someone is bound to be left shorthanded..So, what becomes of the losers? Most of the time, we settle... we settle for what is reasonable and attainable and we give up on those farfetched thoughts that cloud our minds...But, if you're hell bent on this so called need, then my only advice is:

Don't giving up. The $1080 Dior bag shall be yours some day.

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