Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Pressure..its constantly building and it sure takes a lot out of you...sometimes life feels as though you are constantly struggling to reduce the amount of obligations and requirements demanded of you. To check one thing off the list so you can have one less thing left to do. But the list is endless, so then why are we rushing? Constraints of time and the urgency of the moment makes us feel as though we are facing a point of no return, where we must choose or die. That sounds pretty drastic, but yea thats how it feels sometimes. Faced with pressure, with the demands of everything else that must be done, and the daily naggings to add on top its a wonder that most of call ourselves sane human beings. But at the end of the day, it all does get done...the project is handed in, the paper is written, the exam gets taken, the body gets fed, the brain gets to sleep, the heart aches, it all happens just in the nick of time. So the best way to really maintain your sanity is to focus on all the non pressuring parts of drive slowly even if you have somewhere to be, to close your eyes for just a second longer, to breath in just a little bit deeper and to thank god just a little more for everything that is still standing. Sabr, we all lack it so intensely...or maybe I just do....but then that must be my test, to find the sabr to deal with it all and take each struggle with stride.

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