Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Autumn activities

It's official, I am in love with Autumn! Fall wardrobes, festivities, and even spiced Chai (which I never cared for before and now am making regularly!) they're all way too much fun and I can't wait until Halloween next week to dress up Ali! Last year he was only 10 months around Halloween and ended up being so tired after the costume parade at his daycare he fell asleep, so we did not take him trick or treating. This year I am so looking forward to taking him out! Also, last year I threw a costume party which I was hoping to turn into an annual event (we did one in 2008 as well), but  honestly it's a lot of effort so I'm sticking to making it a triennial bash! I know, I  enjoy getting into all seasonal activities a weeee more than your average person, (can't wait til winter: hot cocoa, snowman-shaped sugar cookies, gingerbread houses, holiday made for tv movies, fleece pajamas, and going around town to see the most decorated houses!!) but I just can't help it! So we're taking full advantage of fact that we live in an area with amazing foliage and before the weather gets too cold for outdoor activities we've been taking Ali out almost every weekend for some autumn fun! It's a lot more enjoyable this year as he's more interactive and so curious to see, touch, (sometimes even taste!) everything around him.

We went to a barnyard birthday party this weekend and it was a wonderful fall activity. Ali had his first pony (actually a horse) ride, which he didn't seem to care for. We weren't sure if it was because he had just woken from a nap or if he really wasn't as stoked as we were, but he was about as interested in the experience as most people are in watching water boil. What actually got me laughing was to see that he found the rocking horses set up inside the barn way more thrilling. He was squealing with excitement riding on the fake horse (sort of like how we were expecting on the real one) and spent majority of the party there we literally had to drag him out at the end. It was also his first time at a petting zoo with baby goats, bunnies, pigeons, a huge pig, cows, sheep, llamas, emu, and roosters. Needless to say, all the practicing of 'farm animal sounds' was put to good use this weekend. The next day the weather was really gorgeous out again so we took him out to the park for a stroll and had him identify all the bright colors ('wed' and 'yeyyow' are a favorite. we're still working on 'orange'). But, I think his favorite activity all weekend was when his dad threw him in the air. I swear the look on this child's face let me know what inspired JM Barrie to write Peter Pan! Here's a glimpse at our fall activities so far:

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