Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Time for Change

Barack Obama won the presidential election yesterday as he defeated John McCain for the title. I'm glad about this result because I really could not and did not want to see McCain and his clueless VP Sarah Palin becoming the next leaders of America. After the state that Bush has left this country in, we were desperate for change and now Obama gives hope for that. I'm still apprehensive about everything, as the present condition of the nation is as rocky as I've ever seen it. I've lived to see many monumentous events cold war, 911, hurricane katrina, wall street scandals, this enormous economic crisis, and now our first Black president. It gives you the feeling that this nation is finally moving towards tolerance in reality. It's still surreal because you cannot help to think are they really being tolerant or is it just another scheme in the plot for selfish gain. But all that can be said with certainty is that change is to come, that much is inevitable.

Aside from national change I can feel the internal change too, which is never fun to deal with. Whether its for better or worse there's something about the realization that you are no longer who you once were which creates unexplainable feelings

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