Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Picking up & Dropping off

It's what hospitals and airports have in common. Everyone essentially goes there for only two reasons, arrivals and departures. Both those places always give me that strange feeling that I can't really put into words. I find it amusing how one place can bring about such different emotions. It's the same with New Year's Eve. Excitement for the upcoming year and everything that it will bring with it is mirrored by the sadness for all that was done and over with in the past year. It always makes me reflect on where I was at that time the previous year and then I compare it to where I stand now. It's safe to say 2007 was a pretty great year for me (mashallah), in nearly every aspect things got significantly better. Leaving 2006 was like breathing a sigh of relief, but this time around I will actually miss '07; lots of great memories were made :) But, I'm looking forward to '08, definitely a lot of changes and accomplishments will occur, all of which I'm optimistic about.
Inshallah let's see what happens.

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