Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Untitled until I can think of one.

I have this problem where I often want to write something down yet when I sit for a moment, all thoughts escape me and I don't know what to write any longer. Often I've seen that if you just start off somewhere, anywhere, you'll end up where you are meant to go. But, do I really want to go there? More often than not we don't even know where we want to go, and so comes about experimentation. Write whatever comes out, think whatever you feel, do what seems right...Doing so doesn't always have a purpose, we just do it for the sake of having done it. It might not even be significant...yet other times, it may be monumental. I'm not quite sure if any of this makes the slightest bit of sense, or if I'm scratching the surface of a deeper thought inside my brain.

You know what never ceases to amaze me, how the occurrence of one event can so naturally lead to another, as if that occurrence wasn't really necessary but then in the larger scheme it truly was. For if the first unimportant event never happened, the essential second event would be entirely nonexistent. IE: Tonight on a hungry food hunt I broke the handle off of the vegetable tray in the fridge (why i was even looking inside the vegetable tray is evidence enough of how hungry i was), then i sat and went oh crap i must fix this..upon numerous attempts i finally got well, nowhere..so i just shoved the handle thingie behind refrigerator door and was about to give up on food and my future profession as a fridge fixer when it happened. since the veggie tray is at the bottom, my eye level was lower and i found directly infront of me....chicken seekh kababs leftover from yesterday!!!!

SO if the tray handle had never broken, those kababs would not be happily moving along my digestive system right now. Purpose acheived.

I am so drugged up on Nyquil at the moment....ok I lie....i just wish i was....

I go back to that Finance homework now...internal rate of return...present value of crap...future value of my foot kickin Sala Palmon's ass for assigning all this work...now that seems like a worthy investment :)

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